It's Time For You To Have

A new indoor training experience

These are the key



Ride RLV Videos.

Supported Formats: ErgoPlanet, KWT, Rouvy -  or create your own Video and use the simple XML/GPX Import

GPX Tracks

Ride any GPX track on follow the route on StreetView or SatteliteView


Free Ride Experience

Ride wherever you want on all available roads.

Start with just selecting or searching any location in the world and start your ride there. No need to waste time to find the right tracks or videos : Just go.


You want to improve your FTP? Or just follow a training plan?

No problem: you can do you your structured workouts on Incyclist

More to come ...

Group Rides

Wouldn't it be great if we could share the experience with others?


How to get started?

Supported Devices

  • Ant+ FE Traininers, ANT+ Power-Meters
  • BLE SmartTrainers (FTMS), BLE Power-Meters, Wahoo Kickr BLE Extenstion
  • Daum Ergo Bikes ( 8008, 8i,...)
  • ... more to come

Required Hardware

  • A Windows or Mac Computer 
  • An Ant+ Dongle to pair with your Ant+ Trainer (only for ANT+ Devices)


Download the app from the download page. 
Once the App is launched, it should automatically pair with your device. 


A Few Words About Me

I'm an enthusiast cyclist and did not like the indoor cycling programs that were available in the market, as they were either expensive, or very much focused on specific devices. 

So, I decided to write my own indoor cycling app

When cycling indoor, I always had the ambition to discover new places or new routes. However, I did not always spend the time to download routes, so I thought that it should be possible to just perform a ride like you would do outside - whenever there is a crossing, you have to chose where to go.

Just better: as you now can ride everywhere in the world, as long as it supports Google Streetview

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