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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect a Daum 8008 Ergometer

    The incyclist app tries to automatically detect any Bike, so you won't have to configure any port settings.

    This Daum Ergometer will only be detected, if it is accesible via a serial port ( COMx). If you were using ErgoPlanet before, you should see a serial port in the device settings  ("Einstellungen->Trainingsgeräte"). The same port should be detected by incyclist. In case the device is not detected and incyclist is scanning on multiple serial ports, try to disable ports during the scanning process. 

    In case you have connected the Ergometer via Bluetooth ( e.g. Daum Bluetooth Adapter). You have to pair it with the PC, before you launch the App. Windows will then automatically assign a serial port

    In case you have connected the Ergometer via USB ( e.g. Daum USB Adapter), it should be automatically detected, as Windows will automatically assign a serial port

  • Why is Windows warning me about 'harming my computer' and 'putting my PC at risk' when I try to install Incyclist?

    Microsoft has introduced a new system for verifying the authenticity of desktop applications called SmartScreen that may trigger warnings when you download and install Incyclist. It may report messages such as "This program is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer." or "Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."

    While this new system does insure that you are downloading an application that has not been tampered with, it also introduces errant warnings, especially with a newly released software applications and updates, such as Incyclist version releases.

    Rest assured that the Incylist application is signed and has a valid certificate (You can check it yourself by viewing the Properties of the installer application). I follow industry best practices in insuring the security of the software.

    However, as mentioned earlier, due to the nature of how Windows is handling security, it is common for newly released applications to experience false warnings about security. Such is the case with the latest version of Incyclist, as I have added a new signing certificate. This warning will eventually go away as more folks download and install the software and the reputation increases over time.

    Here are some detailed installation instructions to help you install:

    To Install on Windows 7
        1.    Go to
        2.    Click on the "Download" button.
        3.    If your browser asks "Do you want to run or save incyclist-setup (... MB) ?" click "Run"
        4.    Your browser might report "incyclist-setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer."  Click on "Actions"
        5.    Click on "Run anyway"
        6.    Continue with the Incyclist installation instructions.

    To Install on Windows 8 & Windows 10
        1.    Go to
        2.    Click on the "Download" button.
        3.    After downloading and running the installer, Windows might report "Windows protected your PC.  Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."
        4.    Click on "More info" to reveal other options.
        5.    Click on the "Run anyway" button
        6.    Continue with the Incyclist installation instructions.


  • How can I automatically upload my activities to Strava

    In order to enable Incyclist to upload activities to Strava, you need to connect you Strava account with the app. 

    • Open the options dialog ( click on  during training) 
    • In the options dialog, select the user section 
    • Click on "connect to Strava", login into you Strava account and grant the requested permissions

    Once that connection is established, whenever you save an activity, it will be automatically uploaded to strava


  • How do I connect an ANT+ device

    Incyclist requires a WinUSB driver to be installed. I recommend that you use the Zadig tool ( to install the WinUSB driver.

    Once the driver installed, and you have plugged-in an ANT+ USB Dongle into your PC, any ANT+ device ( currently supported profiles: Ant+ FE, Ant+ Hrm) should be automatically detected.

    Please make sure that no other process is running at the same time that is using the ANT+ USB Dongle, e.g. Zwift,...

  • How can I provide feedback

    Join the incyclist slack channel:
    You can sign up here: Incyclist Slack Workspace